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What Our Clients Say

I have always been impressed with Damion’s knowledge of the law. His background in tax and his litigation experience give me confidence that I can count on his advice and safely refer clients to his practice.

Nicholas A.


Jim Arnold helped our firm on an issue we faced in an on-going case. He was responsive, efficient, and offered unparalleled guidance.

Roger S.


James E. Arnold is a strategic litigator with a proven track record of results for his clients.

Phil R.


I have worked very closely with Jim Arnold for many years on a number of different legal issues and have found him to be knowledgeable, experienced, and dependable in all areas of his practice. He has the skills to communicate complex legal matters in layman’s terms and he understands the importance of relating to his clients on their level. Jim is easy to work with, always prepared, and spends long hours trying to get at the center of all of the issues pertaining to each case. I have recommended Mr. Arnold to many of my business associates. I have full confidence that he is one of the best in his field.

Scott J.


Jim Arnold is an excellent attorney. Shortly after I moved our family from Florida to Ohio, my wife was the victim of an auto accident during which she broke her wrist. Still with boxes to unpack and two children in diapers, it was a difficult time for us, to say the least. With the insurance company forcing delay after delay, I enlisted Jim, who came highly recommended, to help us. Not only did we receive a settlement expeditiously, it was also far more than we anticipated. Jim Arnold brings results. That was more than 11 years ago. Today, I employ Jim to collect challenging and sensitive delinquent accounts for us. Jim collected one account that had been written off for more than two years. It was an account that, frankly, I thought we’d never see a penny from. Jim collected a significant percentage of the account, which greatly surprised me. Jim is not only a rare attorney, but a rare business person and human being as well. He embodies the traits of intelligence, common sense, diligence, honesty, insight, integrity, thoroughness, humanity, and humor. Yes, Jim’s even a fun guy to be around! Jim has been far more than an attorney and friend to me, my business, and my family. He is a wonderful confidant, mentor, and coach. I would never hesitate to recommend Jim to anyone. He’s great – and a tremendous credit to the legal profession. I’m honored to have Jim Arnold as my attorney and friend, and I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to tell you about him. I know Jim would be humbled by being recognized with this honor. You ought to know, though, that honoring an attorney of Jim’s caliber raises the esteem of your award.

Don D.

President and Publisher

Jim is an excellent litigator because he makes sure that he understands all of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and then he prepares harder and more thoroughly than anyone I have seen so that he is ready for all the unpredictable turns that litigation inevitably takes. Additionally, Jim is a person that I enjoy doing business with. When you combine talent and personality with hard work and ethics, you have a winning combination – and that is what I found in Jim. Needless to say, I would hire Jim again in a heartbeat.

Patrick G.

CEO and President

I have found that the James E. Arnold firm always makes you feel good that they are your attorney for their professional approach to the practice of the law. They are not looking to sue but resolve disputes in an orderly fashion. Their approach combined with their skills makes for a cost-effective legal representation.