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Board Director Representation

Board Director Representation

Ohio Board Director Lawyer Representation

responsible-officer-assessmentsJames E. Arnold & Associates, LPA, is a Columbus, Ohio law firm that also serves the Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Dayton areas. We focus on trial practice for both individuals and corporate clients, in both state and federal courts, including Board of Director representation.

Directors on corporate and nonprofit boards need assistance related to the unique circumstances of their positions and responsibilities. James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA offer the following services to Boards and Board Directors.

Board of Directors Training and Coaching

Responsible corporate and nonprofit Boards of Directors require regular training to keep their directors current and attuned to trends, compliance requirements and values, and to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and good governance. Our experienced team delivers unique board training featuring ethics and integrity values and lessons in light of modern world events, as well as governance requirements and best practices in the board’s enterprise area. This training is dynamic and includes interactive elements and drills. Our trainers have decades of experience in designing and delivering creative, finely-honed sessions that are compelling and motivational.

Sometimes there is a need to coach and train the directors individually on one or more selected topics. Our trainers have experience tailoring training and coaching sessions effective for individual directors.

Individual Board Director Representation

Directors and committees or sub-groups of directors at times require individual representation provided by their company, their insurance carrier or on their own initiative. Sometimes this is required because of conflicts of interest that must be avoided, or because the director or director group believes the decisions or issues confronting the board make independent counsel or a second opinion advisable.

James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA has experience providing this representation in routine or complex situations involving transactions, regulators such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the stock exchanges, shareholders, customers, media and others, in the following areas:

  • Counseling and guidance regarding director fiduciary responsibilities
  • Governance requirements and best practices
  • Strategic Board process
  • Litigation defense, analysis and oversight
  • Crisis and risk management
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Applicable compliance requirements

Nonprofit Board General Counsel Services

Nonprofit Boards often do not have in-house counsel to guide them on a regular or intermittent basis, and benefit greatly from an established relationship with counsel familiar with the nonprofit world and their own fiduciary challenges. James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA can provide the entire range of legal oversight for nonprofit organizations with an understanding of the special dynamics and challenges confronted by nonprofit stewardship and management.

For more information about representation for a Board director or directors, contact Julie Davis.

If you have concerns regarding business and commercial litigation, Board of Director representation, coaching, and counseling, or any other referenced practice area, contact James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA. Our lawyers represent clients in the state of Ohio including Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Dayton.

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