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Crisis Management

Companies and nonprofit organizations sometimes experience major events that threaten legal, financial and reputational harm to the organization and its stakeholders. These often come in the form of some assault on the organization – the discovery of internal or external crimes or serious wrongdoing, a regulatory agency subpoena or investigation, or public or consumer claims of product failure or mishandling of trust. Crises have the potential to disrupt management and operations, harm the organization mission and devolve into a nightmare of litigation and regulatory entanglement.

The Firm You Turn To During A Legal Crisis

Our firm’s crisis management lawyers can help your organization in high-pressure and emergency situations. Our legal team is adept at taking responsibility for the multi-dimensional crisis management plan, which will assist your organization to swiftly and effectively:

  • Prioritize critical board and management processes and internal communications
  • Conduct appropriate and necessary investigations
  • Obtain all necessary resources
  • Streamline and develop excellent decision making
  • Manage the crisis action plan
  • Guide credible communications with stakeholders
  • Establish legal and regulatory strategy, responses and defenses
  • Protect all rights to applicable insurance coverage and other potential claims for recovery

We are experienced in all facets of crisis management and bring significant expertise in protecting your organization both defensively and aggressively in negotiations, regulatory matters and litigation.

Preventing And Protecting Against A Crisis

Often, crises can be prevented when clients know or suspect problems may exist or when they employ early warning and auditing systems to reveal vulnerabilities. Our lawyers can assist with prevention and protection strategies, to avoid or significantly blunt the impact of a potential crisis.