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White Collar Defense

Many organizations face the court of public opinion well before a trial becomes necessary. With near-constant internet attention and media scrutiny, many large corporations face enormous pressure. In these situations, our experienced Ohio white collar crime attorneys can provide the necessary legal guidance and defense.

Arnold & Clifford LLP, is a Columbus, Ohio, law firm that also serves the Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton areas. We focus on trial practice for both individuals and corporate clients, in both state and federal courts, including white collar crime cases.

What Does ‘White Collar Crime’ Mean?

While the term “white collar crime” originated in the early 1940s to describe corporate wrongdoing, current usage has evolved to include the representation of corporations and individuals targeted by federal and state law enforcement agencies. Many white collar cases are prosecuted under recognizable criminal statutes such as conspiracy, banking fraud, tax fraud, false statements, mail fraud and wire fraud. Creative prosecutions under ambiguous criminal statutes and the assessment of criminal penalties for what formerly were purely regulatory violations have in recent years multiplied the possibilities of a businessman encountering an aggressive government investigator.

Arnold & Clifford LLP, recognizes that successful resolutions of white collar crime investigations require a very different system of defense work and employs strategies distinctive to white collar crime to prevent or mitigate the imposition of criminal sanctions against a person or a business entity accused of a crime.

In white collar crimes, law enforcement agencies have often worked for months or years to develop a strong case. Financial records and other supporting documents have likely faced intense scrutiny. Whether your case involves tax evasion, securities fraud or embezzlement, you need a strong, aggressive, experienced lawyer who can zealously defend you and ensure your rights were not violated during the course of the investigation.