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conflict-of-interestJames E. Arnold & Associates, LPA, is a Columbus, Ohio law firm that also serves the Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton areas. We focus on trial practice for both individuals and corporate clients, in both state and federal courts, including conflict of interest cases.

Conflicts of interest are serious matters. Legal professionals must be aware of any conflict of interest issues at all times. If you have concerns about a potential conflict of interest or how to proceed once a conflict has been uncovered, we encourage you to contact us immediately.

The conflict of interest attorneys at James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA, have extensive experience guiding individuals, businesses and legal professionals through challenging situations. Conflicts of interest can include such varied topics as violations of confidential information, misconduct and misrepresentation.

Where Lawyers Go When They Need a Lawyer

If you are concerned your representation of a client has caused a conflict of interest, or you have questions regarding ethics and professional responsibility, schedule a consultation today with a lawyer at our firm.

Claims of legal malpractice or legal negligence can have devastating ramifications, potentially ending a lawyer’s career. We seek to provide legal advice and guidance to attorneys who are concerned about facing these severe consequences. Throughout a case, the attorney must be mindful of the ethical obligation to protect the client and defend the client’s best interest in all actions. Schedule a confidential consultation with a lawyer at our firm to discuss your concerns in greater detail.

If you have concerns regarding business and commercial litigation, ethics or a conflict of interest, or any other referenced practice area, contact James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA. Our lawyers represent clients in the state of Ohio including Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton.

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