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Responding To Lawyer Disciplinary Process

Arnold & Clifford LLP is a Columbus, Ohio, law firm that also serves the Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton areas. We focus on trial practice for both individuals and corporate clients, in both state and federal courts, including lawyer disciplinary cases.

Ohio lawyers who need help responding to grievances often seek our advice and assistance. Our legal team has the qualifications that Ohio lawyers seek as they prepare to appear before grievance disciplinary committees. The Supreme Court of Ohio receives several thousand grievances a year, but only about 100 of those are formally prosecuted; many others are resolved through the volunteer grievance committees.

Prompt, Strong Response To Ethics Complaints

Typical grievances against lawyers include client complaints or complaints from judges or other professionals alleging that lawyers:

  • Failed to pay doctors
  • Committed crimes
  • Were convicted of misdemeanors

An attorney named in a grievance usually must respond in writing within a short period of time. The corresponding disciplinary committee may dismiss the grievance or conduct without further investigation. If there is an investigation, the process can take several months before the committee determines whether the attorney committed misconduct. If the committee decides misconduct occurred, the next step will be formal disciplinary action such as:

  • Public reprimand
  • Term suspension
  • Indefinite suspension
  • Permanent disbarment

A felony conviction means an automatic suspension for a lawyer. In Ohio, disbarment is permanent.

Where Lawyers Go When They Need a Lawyer

Our attorneys possess a strong background in the areas of ethics and professional responsibility. We are well-prepared to help our fellow lawyers respond to grievances through:

  • Written responses (often resulting in dismissal of grievances against our clients)
  • Representation at hearings before discipline commissioners
  • Protection of our clients from media exposure as needed

While our focus is on grievances in Ohio, we also assist lawyers with matters in the federal courts, including bankruptcy court; we bring great value to our clients’ disciplinary cases.