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Criminal Defense

Arnold & Clifford LLP, is a Columbus, Ohio, law firm that also serves the Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton areas. We focus on trial practice for both individuals and corporate clients, in both state and federal courts, including criminal defense cases.

While a person may be able to guarantee that he or she will not commit a crime, no one can guarantee that they will not be accused of, come under investigation for, or be charged with a crime. To protect your reputation and your future, the most important thing you can do is obtain an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Three Decades Of Experience In Ohio Criminal Defense

At Arnold & Clifford LLP, we offer the seasoned counsel you need. Attorney David C. Winters has more than 30 years’ experience in criminal litigation. As a former felony prosecutor in Franklin County, Mr. Winters understands how the government puts criminal cases together. As a result, he knows how to prepare a strong defense. He has handled more than 200 criminal jury trials, giving him an enormous range of experience with police officers, special agents, prosecutors and judges in all Ohio and federal courts.

Our firm offers defense services for criminal charges such as:

  • DUI and felony DUI
  • Drug charges
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • White collar crimes such as fraud and embezzlement
  • Juvenile offenses

Anyone can be accused of a crime. Even if you consider yourself innocent of the charges, talking to investigators without legal advice could have a devastating effect on your life. Anything you tell investigators can be used against you and may even provide probable cause for police officers to arrest you. You have a right to seek advice from a lawyer, and at no time in your life is this right more important.